Below is a link to various photo stories that I've done.  This is my favorite kind of photography.  Telling stories.  If a photo is worth a thousand words then how many words is 30 photos worth?  Who knows.  But it's safe to say, "more".

2017 held lots of fun adventures for me.  Among them was some incredible adventures with the Kona Bikes Adventure Team.  I was brought in to join the team to be in charge of creating the visual content for the projects.  It was a huge learning opportunity.  You'll find our various escapades in the links below.

2017 Season Recap on the Kona Cog

A Double Century Sandwich, with the Kona Adventure Team  January, 2017.

The Prescott Circle Trail, with the Kona Adventure Team  April, 2017

Riding the Kokopelli Trail, with the Kona Adventure Team  May, 2017

Lake to Summit to Lake.  Lake Tahoe, California. Kona Adventure Team  July, 2017